New Engine Pics

Not that I have done anything with it aside from put it on the stand, the new engine is here

Parts… I need to order some…

Places I have bought parts from or may start to buy from…

Imparts… I have happily bought from them and their prices were always good. Free shipping over $100 too…

Arizona Autohaus… I think dylan recommended them…… used them, they were fine…

I need to get moving on some stuff…

Engine has arrived…

Dylan and I went out to Al’s last night to pick up the motor. It is nice and clean and assembled and new. I am happy. Oil pan up to the deck is complete aside from accessories. So I need random things like the dipstick, distributor, block off plates, mountings for the hoses, etc. but that is fine.

So it is time to order up some parts and get the ball rolling. I did not grab any pics cause it was late and Mason was eager to get home, but it is on the engine stand. I’ll snag some pics on wednesday.

More Progress, Parts, Engine…

The cleanup is going well! The subframe, suspension, brake system, etc are all out. The only thing still in the bay are the fuel lines and some wiring, both of which will be staying. It needs a bit more cleanup, which needs to happen soon since the engine was delivered to Al’s today. I am picking it up tomorrow night. Now I need to start ordering up parts, which is going to cost money, but will be nice once they come in.

Also, Dylan got me a duckbill. Sure it has some broken tabs or something, but I bet I can make it work.

Hopefully now things will start moving quicker. I need to get the random motor parts as well as the ECU and wiring harness. Everything is starting to cost money.

Mental Notes…

I will need parts. That is the problem with projects like this, it is way to easy to get lost in a barrage of $50-$100 parts that you will need. They are everywhere. Here and there, things I need. So I am going to start listing them in the hopes that I can find decent deals on them as well as have them all there such that when the motor comes and I start getting things ready to reinstall, I don’t sit there kicking myself that I missed 1 radiator hose or something like that. I also would like a rough running total going so I can determine what paths to take in terms of junkyard parts vs. new cooler versions of things… So lets begin…

cooling system

  • Radiator-Dylan suggests the larger diesel unit, which seems like a good idea to me, as I like extra cooling. 675mm core can be had for $75.
  • Hoses-I will likely replace all the coolant hoses, as it would be dumb to reuse the ones I have. Lets say $100 to be on the safe side
  • Round Mk3 Expansion tank, $12
  • Water Pump, complete with housing, $50
  • Misc clips, o rings, thermostat, etc, say $40

That doesn’t include the fans, but I am not sure what I am going to do there. I am pretty sure I can use the output of the MegaSquirt to control the fans, so I will likely end up with 2 electric fans. IIRC, the passat has 2 electric fans that drop in. On the other hand, I would prefer 2 SPAL electric fans in there, but that will likely be more $$, so we shall see…. I need the running total to determine if what path to take on this kinda thing, SPAL vs. Junkyard Passat.

Power Steering

  • Rack… Dylan said rebuilt racks can be had for $120, lets say $170
  • Power Steering Pump … Not sure if this is a part I can pull in the yard or I need to get new… I am leaning towards yard part… New ones are like $150-$200.
  • Lines … new obviously… Say $75-$100.
  • Reservoir, new is $20. I will go new just for appearance and the ability to see thru the bottle to check the level
  • Tie Rods … new are $20/side… so $40. Done.

The car HAD AC, but it was pulled. I don’t want it back. However, I would like to switch to a non-AC setup in the inside. So I have to research that some. If we are pulling the dashboard (we are) I am replacing the heater box ($35) cause why not, it is cheap and a potential leak fixed. so…

  • heater core, $35
  • hoses to/from core, $10
  • dash control unit… Mine is the AC one, I want the NON-AC one… I think it is a junkyard thing there. find a car without AC and take all its dash related stuff. Blendbox, Control Unit, Etc. Should be under $100

I am sure I will need things, although I am not sure exactly what until the motor gets here. I was going to go head studs, but it is too much cash. Frugal is the game plan here now…

  • Head bolts, ~$1 each, say I buy… 10, $11 (carry the change)
  • Motor Mounts… I am not sure what I am doing there, solid front? Poly rear? haven’t figured that out yet, Say $200 for all of them?
  • Oil pan, use the one off the old motor
  • Alternator? Find a MK3 one… hopefully cheap at the yard
  • Too many other thing I know I will need that I am not sure of yet… so this list will grow

Interior is good for now, I need a rear seat, but whatever.

Got a rear beam for the rear discs.

Could use some strut bars and what not, but I am going to wait and see how the motor fits first.

That is all for now, just some notes to keep things noted…

BTW, All the above adds up to just under $1,000. Told you it would be a barrage.

Cleaning is coming along…

So I got a little propane torch to get the wax off and MAN was that nice. So much easier than scraping it off that I will never do it that way again.

This was the before, as you may remember:

This is what it looks like today:

You can see progress is happening. We need to drop the front beam to make life easier. But it is coming along really nicely. I am happy.

The rest of the pics are here


I finally got some pics of the Trophy Recaros…

As you can see they are in great shape. Note that they are reversed, the one on the left is the driver side seat, but overall the bolsters are in great shape and while there is a burn or two and need a little cleaning, you can’t beat the price! Thanks Nate!


So I had Al @ CPT order me up my short block. There was a little confusion on the price in the catalog, but it is looking like $1,400 shipped for the short block, assembled, with a warranty (of some kind). Still a better decision then me doing the work myself. I could have done the work myself and saved about $300, but I am not sure that I am a good candidate for that quite yet. Dylan and I were thinking perhaps we would tear down the motor that was in Cali before as a learned exercise. I would rather screw up that motor than my daily driver motor. And then I can honestly reset the odometer to ‘0’ and smile, knowing it should last a while. So that is ordered and should be here soon.

I also began cleaning the engine bay out and it is actually come along quite nicely. I have found VERY little rust, and the dirt and oil actually appeared to have kept the paint in decent shape. For some reason, VW put wax on the paint in a number of places. This wax, after 20 years, has begun to deteriorate, so I am removing it. It was under the areas that held the airbox and the battery. Since those won’t be there really, (battery in the trunk and the airbox replaced with a cone filter for now and eventually the individual throttle bodies) I don’t feel I need the wax.

So I hope to get a bunch more cleaned next wednesday, and I will hopefully remember to grab some pictures too.

I am excited to get the motor in. That will be a big step.

Mental note…

I need some lower spoiler on the front… duckbill, GTI, whatever. Haven’t decided. But sticking with small bumpers requires something there I think.

The Motor Is OUT

Wasn’t that hard, but man is it dirty in there. We will be replacing nearly everything you see there, so cleaning it won’t be a big deal per se, it should clean up very nicely. Perhaps a new coat of paint in there. Now I gotta get some money together and order up the block…