Parts suck…

it is getting old, always needing some other part… but SOON I should be done… ordered a number of randoms today… amongst other things, I did get a G60 Valve Cover off eBay… getting there! and a catch can. and rubber bushings for the subframe. and the beather hose. and and and….

Progress… and a possible end in sight?

We made more progress… the steering rack and tie rods are on the subframe now. I need to center everything, but it is getting there. So the subframe is nearly done. I need to put on the motor mounts and that is it for that. Then we can put the engine in. I need to set the timing belt and accessory belts, get the intake and exhaust manifolds on, and then the motor can go in the car. Then set up all the cooling stuff, hoses, etc. Then get the timing and distributor set, wire it all up, set the ECU up with a starting map, and fire it up and start tuning. Tune it while I drive it over to Al’s to get it aligned. Then I should be ready to autox it. I may see about getting it on the dyno at Al’s to tune it, depending on how ready it is when I get there. I would like to have a few hundred miles on it before I hit the autox.

The possible light at the end of the tunnel is my wife and son are going out of town for the week leading into the saturday autox, so I can spend a number of the nights at the garage, and I may take off the friday before the autox to get over to Al’s. We’ll see, but I would LOVE to get it running. It would so rule.

I ordered a few more parts today that I am finding I need. I don’t have everything lined up yet, but I am getting there.


Two Jetta work days have passed since the last post. Last week we put the head on. The short block is now a long block!

More pics can be seen here. So that was nice.

Today I finished cleaning the subframe/k-frame and we started getting that together. We put the A Arms/Control Arms in as well as mounted the front sway bar. We did poly bushings for the sway bar bracket and sway bar end links. I cleaned up the stock sway bar, but got new end links. I have stock bushings in the Control Arms, although the the bushings and the arms are brand new. We also put on new ball joints.

I need to clean up the steering rack, put on the new tie rods and boots as well as put on the poly steering rack bushings. Old rack, new tie rods and ends, new boots, new poly bushings. I also got new motor mounts (stock non hydraulic mount on the passenger side and a diesel transmission mount on the driver side) to go on. Once those are all in, the subframe will be ready to go back in and support the engine.

It is nice to see progress being made. Needless to say thanks to Dylan for helping out. I really feel the project is moving along now. Also thanks to kieran, as it was his poly kit that I raided to get some of the pieces I didn’t have.


So about 1/2 of my parts were delivered today, and I ordered up the Megasquirt ECU and wiring harness from as well…


How are the plans progressing?

In this post I mentioned the plans I had then… and I figured now would be a good time to check in and see how those are going…

Missing Linkz
I think I am buying the set off dylan’s car
ITBs off a GSXR
purchased… will eventually be installed
need to buy. THIS could be something someone could get me for my birthday, but it is kinda expensive for a gift at ~$300… I am likely going to buy the MegaSquirt I v3.0 ECU Assembled and the MegaSquirt v2.2/3.0 12′ Wiring Harness.
Some stock spark with knock (CIS with Knock, Digi2?)
I am thinking I will start with a 4 window distributor (not sure off what model) and add an EDIS system down the road. I want to get used to tuning it one step at a time. So… I need to talk to some people to get that worked out, but that is not going to be a big deal.
replace the rear shocks
I may just get regualr KYBs for $40 each or whatever to keep it working. Then maybe get something later that is better
perhaps get the bilstiens rebuilt
Dylan is pushing for this. I say yes, but that will wait until I have fewer other things going on.
finish the 2.0 ABA bottom
finish the 8v counterflow head
essentially done. Need to assemble it, but that is not a big deal
miata rims
gone. will need to find other rims. Although I bet there is a set dylan has that I could borrow just to keep the car rolling until I figure out what rims I want…
badgeless quad round grill
still want but haven’t got. Cheapest place I have found so far is here at $71 on sale (FK Badgeless Grill – Black, MK II Golf/Jetta – Quad round). I may have to pick that one up.
upper grill spoiler
got it
GLI rear trunk lip (maybe)
have the lip, not sure I want to install it. Will be decided if/when I paint.
mk2 golf/gti roof spoiler with brake light (if I can figure out the install)
got the lip, not sure how to install it. Will likely happen if/when I paint.

So overall, I am not too far from those initial goals. score.

What else do I need to address…

So over the weekend, my parents had mentioned that they wanted to get me something to help with the project for my birthday, which isn’t too far off. So I started thinking about what things were still outstanding.

In this post I mentioned a couple things that were still open ended…
front seats
Done, as the recaros have come in, so that is taken care of…
steering wheel
still outstanding… not sure what I am going to do there… I would like a smaller, round steering wheel, horn button in the middle, likely 3 spokes. I have found one on ebay that I like and is ending very soon… we shall see…
I will be stepping up to 10.3’s from the mk3 jetta/golf. I would like 11.1’s, but it would limit rim choices and would cost more, and I am not sure I need them. I will be swapping to disc brakes in the rear as well. So I will need calipers all around, brake lines, 22mm master, and rotors. I don’t like to mess around with brakes.
Taking the one off kieran’s coupe. Not sure what it is, but it doesn’t have a beer can on it, so I can’t complain!
hmmmm…. the issue here is large. I would like to paint the car. Before I paint the car however, I am going to get the body issues fixed up. SO it seems that the next step for this one is to start collecting body parts to make this happen. Like a set of big doors. And fenders. and a hood. So… still up in the air here, I defiantly want to get the car running well first. And even then, we have given serious thought to painting it ourselves. Time will tell on this one…


Dylan and I were joined by Scott last night and we went over a created a list of necessary parts. Having the new motor, the junkyard ABA, and the 1.8 all present made it easier to make the list. So I began ordering up the parts. Turns out Autohaus AZ was the cheapest on a majority of the parts, and very close on the other ones. So I ordered up a bunch of stuff up. A list is below… I also grabbed an EIP Tuning solid front mount for $50. Still more to get though… Also I got an underdrive crank pulley off ebay…

Does the VW scene have this?

I found this very nice compression calculator over at a honda site. The VW scene could use one, and I don’t think it would be that hard to do.

Compression Ratio…

So I wasn’t sure what the compression ratio on the new motor was going to be, but I think I have figured it out to be 10.3:1…. which will be more than adequate for some decent power. For some reason I was worried I was looking at like 8.5:1 or something low.

Those are the calculations from this site. The values were taken from various searches online. 10.3:1 should be perfect for MS and whatnot as well. I should be able to run along that line nicely.