How are the plans progressing?

In this post I mentioned the plans I had then… and I figured now would be a good time to check in and see how those are going…

Missing Linkz
I think I am buying the set off dylan’s car
ITBs off a GSXR
purchased… will eventually be installed
need to buy. THIS could be something someone could get me for my birthday, but it is kinda expensive for a gift at ~$300… I am likely going to buy the MegaSquirt I v3.0 ECU Assembled and the MegaSquirt v2.2/3.0 12′ Wiring Harness.
Some stock spark with knock (CIS with Knock, Digi2?)
I am thinking I will start with a 4 window distributor (not sure off what model) and add an EDIS system down the road. I want to get used to tuning it one step at a time. So… I need to talk to some people to get that worked out, but that is not going to be a big deal.
replace the rear shocks
I may just get regualr KYBs for $40 each or whatever to keep it working. Then maybe get something later that is better
perhaps get the bilstiens rebuilt
Dylan is pushing for this. I say yes, but that will wait until I have fewer other things going on.
finish the 2.0 ABA bottom
finish the 8v counterflow head
essentially done. Need to assemble it, but that is not a big deal
miata rims
gone. will need to find other rims. Although I bet there is a set dylan has that I could borrow just to keep the car rolling until I figure out what rims I want…
badgeless quad round grill
still want but haven’t got. Cheapest place I have found so far is here at $71 on sale (FK Badgeless Grill – Black, MK II Golf/Jetta – Quad round). I may have to pick that one up.
upper grill spoiler
got it
GLI rear trunk lip (maybe)
have the lip, not sure I want to install it. Will be decided if/when I paint.
mk2 golf/gti roof spoiler with brake light (if I can figure out the install)
got the lip, not sure how to install it. Will likely happen if/when I paint.

So overall, I am not too far from those initial goals. score.

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