Two Jetta work days have passed since the last post. Last week we put the head on. The short block is now a long block!

More pics can be seen here. So that was nice.

Today I finished cleaning the subframe/k-frame and we started getting that together. We put the A Arms/Control Arms in as well as mounted the front sway bar. We did poly bushings for the sway bar bracket and sway bar end links. I cleaned up the stock sway bar, but got new end links. I have stock bushings in the Control Arms, although the the bushings and the arms are brand new. We also put on new ball joints.

I need to clean up the steering rack, put on the new tie rods and boots as well as put on the poly steering rack bushings. Old rack, new tie rods and ends, new boots, new poly bushings. I also got new motor mounts (stock non hydraulic mount on the passenger side and a diesel transmission mount on the driver side) to go on. Once those are all in, the subframe will be ready to go back in and support the engine.

It is nice to see progress being made. Needless to say thanks to Dylan for helping out. I really feel the project is moving along now. Also thanks to kieran, as it was his poly kit that I raided to get some of the pieces I didn’t have.


  1. detour1999
    March 23rd, 2006 | 16:40 pm

    you do look like a robot with that earpiece in…
    that is all.

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