Progress… and a possible end in sight?

We made more progress… the steering rack and tie rods are on the subframe now. I need to center everything, but it is getting there. So the subframe is nearly done. I need to put on the motor mounts and that is it for that. Then we can put the engine in. I need to set the timing belt and accessory belts, get the intake and exhaust manifolds on, and then the motor can go in the car. Then set up all the cooling stuff, hoses, etc. Then get the timing and distributor set, wire it all up, set the ECU up with a starting map, and fire it up and start tuning. Tune it while I drive it over to Al’s to get it aligned. Then I should be ready to autox it. I may see about getting it on the dyno at Al’s to tune it, depending on how ready it is when I get there. I would like to have a few hundred miles on it before I hit the autox.

The possible light at the end of the tunnel is my wife and son are going out of town for the week leading into the saturday autox, so I can spend a number of the nights at the garage, and I may take off the friday before the autox to get over to Al’s. We’ll see, but I would LOVE to get it running. It would so rule.

I ordered a few more parts today that I am finding I need. I don’t have everything lined up yet, but I am getting there.

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