I just want it done…

Jason had a minor plumbing problem, so the megasquirt didn’t get wired last night… but the alternator is on and all lined up, but we have the wrong size belt, due to the smaller crank pulley… which I knew and it should have dawned on me, but it didn’t…

So I need to find what size belt I NEED, and I have emailed the dude I got it from, cause I can’t find my paperwork that says what size…

I also ordered some air filters from K&N for the intake and the engine breathers, so that is getting close…

I am all over the map on this car… sometimes I am like YEAH other times I am like I HATE THIS and other times I am just like OMG I WILL PAY YOU TO FINISH THIS FOR ME…

grr. but it will be fun to drive.

update… so close…

So Jason came by last night and checked stuff out, he is coming BACK tonight to wire up the standalone… So that should be done tonight… There are a bunch of little things I need to do as well that I am sure I am forgetting, but it is coming along. Dylan and I stopped by the new garage last night and grabbed the alternator bracket, leaving only BIG thing left being the swapping of the gears on the distributor. Oh, and tuning it. The exhaust needs to visit an exhaust shop to get tweaked and aligned as well…but I think we are really getting there.


Things Done:
-Run the fuel supply and return line to the rail (Rail has lines on it, rail is in, hoses need to connect to the supply/return hard lines)
-Finish hooking up the exhaust (ALMOST done!)
-Reinstall the rear beam (ALMOST done!)
-Get a Vacuum T Connector for the Charcoal Canister (got!)

Could Do Tonight:
-Run the vacuum lines
-Run the breather lines
-Connect the lower front valance
-Wire the megasquirt
-Tighten the plugs
-Reinstall the charcoal canister (mostly done)
-Swap the fuel filter
-Install sensors

Things To Do
-Swap the distributor gear
-Fill trans with oil
-Fill engine with oil
-Fill coolant
-Install Serpentine Belt

Things To Buy/Get
-Get a digi ignition module
-Transmission Fluid
-Air Filter: 2.75 inch hose, get a 2.75 inch cone filter, 2.75 inch pipe to connect the 2
-Sort out the Alternator, need the bracket, steal Kieran’s
-Get an electric fan and a relay for it