Progress, hopefully turning over next week….

So we are getting there. Last night we set the timing, although I have a couple minor steps to take to set up the trigger angle in the MS ECU. I have all the information I need on how to mod the ECU for spark (I need to make 3 jumpers, no problem). I got an alternator and installed it (Thanks javier!). I have the measurements for the serpentine belt, and I get that when I go get all the fluids that I need (oil, coolant, and gear oil). I still need to contact EIP about the motor mount. Also, I need to put a couple wires in their respective places…

so, the list:

-jumper the ECU (easy)
-wire up the hall sender/coil (easy, waiting for the wiring diagram from so I know which color goes where, not a problem, 3 wires)
-wire up the O2 sensor (again, easy, need the diagram, but the wires are pretty much run)
-get fluids (oil, coolant, gear oil)
-get serpentine belt (have size, just need to grab it)
-get motor mount
-tune it (exciting, and I have a bunch of base maps to start with, so I should be ok to begin with)

SO… presuming I can get the shopping stuff done and the ECU jumpers before wednesday, and I get the wiring diagram (should have it emailed to me by the end of today), I should have a little wiring to do on wednesday, install a motor mount, and turn the car over. THAT would be exciting.

Oh, and I need to replace the brake pedal clip.

edit: as I was typing this, the wiring diagram came via email.

Oh the time…

So it has been a long time since I last posted…

Currently the car is in the garage. The engine is in and wired. Most things are ready to go. The todo list is as follows:

-Set timing and distributor
-wire the 3 wires to the distributor and coil (wires already run, just need to be connected)
-get an alternator
-get the serpentine belt in the correct size
-front motor mount
-fill it with fluids
-tune it

I plugged the laptop in last night and poked around. The communication with the ECU and the laptop was fine, and I poked around a bit. I need to import the base tables I am going start with and get the rest of the settings in and I should be able to start driving it. I am excited. Oh, and the new wheels (used) are in the garage, but not yet on the car…