Oh the time…

So it has been a long time since I last posted…

Currently the car is in the garage. The engine is in and wired. Most things are ready to go. The todo list is as follows:

-Set timing and distributor
-wire the 3 wires to the distributor and coil (wires already run, just need to be connected)
-get an alternator
-get the serpentine belt in the correct size
-front motor mount
-fill it with fluids
-tune it

I plugged the laptop in last night and poked around. The communication with the ECU and the laptop was fine, and I poked around a bit. I need to import the base tables I am going start with and get the rest of the settings in and I should be able to start driving it. I am excited. Oh, and the new wheels (used) are in the garage, but not yet on the car…

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