Could Tomorrow Be The Day?

The list as we left it last:

-jumper the ECU (easy)… DONE. I relearned to solder this evening and it seems that I am good. I did the steps as laid out in this post and I checked it with the multimeter. Good.

-wire up the hall sender/coil (easy, waiting for the wiring diagram from so I know which color goes where, not a problem, 3 wires)… Got the diagram, shouldn’t be hard to do.

-wire up the O2 sensor (again, easy, need the diagram, but the wires are pretty much run) … see above.

-get motor mount … EIP didn’t return any of my emails (2) so screw them. I ordered a new one from Bahn Brenner…. Already shipped, scheduled to arrive friday. This will obviously keep me from driving, but I still could start it….

Still need to do:
-get fluids (oil, coolant, gear oil)
-get serpentine belt (have size, just need to grab it)
-tune it (exciting, and I have a bunch of base maps to start with, so I should be ok to begin with)

oh, and dylan and kieran got me the clip for the brake pedal, which I installed the other day. So… we are really getting there. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

I am eager to have the car run.