Didn’t Progress

So I DID go to the garage, but I left the ECU parts at the office, so it wasn’t happening. Doh. We cleaned up the garage and watched keiran attempt to cut the front end off his mk1 Jetta parts car.

I am thinking I am going to check the timing on the cam. I need to do some research on that to determine exactly how to read the cam. On the audi, there was a cam ‘window’ where you could tell how close you were when the engine was a DTC, but I pulled the valve cover off last week and didn’t see such a thing on the VW cam. We’ll see.

Inverted spark output…

so I repaired the ECU… then I blew it up again. Ordered new parts, now I need to solder them AGAIN and try again. grrr. This time I bought 2 of the components.

Reminder, don’t invert your spark output unless you need to. And then, you must do it.

So tomorrow I will resolder the ECU, and then I will try again, then I will hit up the patatron forums and see what they have to say.

We did add 5 gallons of good gas, and we checked the timing again, that was all correct.