Back In Business

Cali Started!

So was at the garage last night, working on the car. I had spoke with John Baas lately, as he had gotten his 16v mk2 running with MSnSe… and he cleared a few things up for me. So when I got to the garage last night, I was trying to get the distributor set. Sure, it was lame to do one person, but I was trying. And it wasn’t working.

A bit later that night Logan from Mobile One was in the shop pulling the motor out of Tony’s old GLI parts car. I cranked it and he was like “that doesn’t sound right. sounds like you have no compression”. So I pulled the valve cover off and Logan took one look at it and said your timing is wrong at the crank. Turns out I was using the wrong timing mark on the cam and didn’t realize it. Grrr.

So we set that right, I cranked, Logan rotated the distributor a bit and it was running. Sure it idles at 2400rpm and the exhaust is laying on the rear beam and making horrible rattling, but it is running. So we are past that hurdle. I actually turned it off and left it alone, as it has been so long since I read that part of the megamanual that I didn’t know what to do next. I need to get that timing light back from Jaime and get that dialed in and start tuning it more. THAT is the part I am excited about.

I’ll getting the timing light on monday, get that dialed in perfectly, then set about tuning it. I also need to clean up the wiring on the O2 and the coolant sensor, and start tuning. I am excited.