Parts update, should be back in business on wednesday…

So Pat at patatron responded once my paypal claim froze his funds. Amazing. He apologized, and asked for my info again to check if he had sent it already. Since my previous emails included all such info, I am confident he never read those.

Sure enough, he hadn’t actually shipped mine, so he ordered one from drop shipped to me. He even paid for express shipping or something. He included a screenshot of the receipt, but it was hardly legible, so I have no real idea. I removed the claim and I should have the sensor tomorrow or tuesday.

So I should have it wired up on wednesday and perhaps log some tuning miles. That would be really nice.

So while the patatron incident ended well, I doubt I would order from him again, nor can I feel confident recommending him to others. I originally bought from protocar, and they were quick to ship, it was perfectly setup, and the wiring harness was nicely made. At one point in time I had lost the wiring diagram, and they were quick to email me a new one.

I will still wander the patatron forums and if/when he gets his shit together, it might be another story, but none the less, he isn’t quite ready for prime time. Oh well, good luck to him.

Parts Delay

So after the last post, I went to Patatron and ordered a wideband O2 sensor, the Innovate Motorsports LC-1. That was a mistake.

I ordered it from him since he has been helpful in the VW community and I figured I would give him the money vs. summit or someone else. Well, I haven’t heard ANYTHING at all from him, but he has my money via paypal. I emailed him last week and again this week, the latter saying I was opening a paypal dispute. No response, so I opened a dispute yesterday. He has 10 days to respond. Either he will ship it or I’ll get the money back, and then I can buy it elsewhere. Summit Racing has it for the same price and ships same day.

So it will be atleast 10 days before I can progress much. Looks like I won’t have it done for the upcoming autox.

Some good news… I did work on it a bit more and I have it idling around 30kpa now, and the fueling seems a bit better, I think I was REALLY rich before, as I redid the fuel table and brought it down dramatically. So I am more on track. I also came into a mk4 cross flow head that I might switch to, since that would be easier to do the ITBs with, since I could pull from the front. We shall see.