Parts Delay

So after the last post, I went to Patatron and ordered a wideband O2 sensor, the Innovate Motorsports LC-1. That was a mistake.

I ordered it from him since he has been helpful in the VW community and I figured I would give him the money vs. summit or someone else. Well, I haven’t heard ANYTHING at all from him, but he has my money via paypal. I emailed him last week and again this week, the latter saying I was opening a paypal dispute. No response, so I opened a dispute yesterday. He has 10 days to respond. Either he will ship it or I’ll get the money back, and then I can buy it elsewhere. Summit Racing has it for the same price and ships same day.

So it will be atleast 10 days before I can progress much. Looks like I won’t have it done for the upcoming autox.

Some good news… I did work on it a bit more and I have it idling around 30kpa now, and the fueling seems a bit better, I think I was REALLY rich before, as I redid the fuel table and brought it down dramatically. So I am more on track. I also came into a mk4 cross flow head that I might switch to, since that would be easier to do the ITBs with, since I could pull from the front. We shall see.

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