Literally… I drove the car, but just around the garage to get it out from where it was parked for working to where it can be driven out the door. I need to review some of the tuning things, and do a bit of autotuning on the road with it.

I went over last night for a bit to make some progress. I reset all the calibration on the wideband, and that was noticeable, it appears to be accurate now. I taped up those wires and got them out of the way. Then I double checked the ECU to make sure the wideband was all configured right there, it was.

With all that, I pulled it from the parking spot into the middle of the garage. Dope. I need to check some stuff and perhaps get megatune working on the macbook in parallels, then it is off for some on the street tuning. Once that is ok and I am confident I didn’t screw everything up, I am going to head over to Al’s to get some tuning on the dyno for the weird parts of the VE table.

Bob took a small video of the car moving with his camera phone. It is what it is. But it rules at the same time.

almost there… (seriously)

So the exhaust is on, the wideband o2 is installed and set, although I do need to recalibrate it. If I get some time to go over there over the weekend, I could actually start tuning I think. We’ll see.

Right now I get a signal from the wideband, but since I didn’t do the free air calibration in clean air, the sensor is all calibrated wrong. But the car has been sitting long enough that the air should be clean enough to calibrate. I still have misc. wires to connect, but that is all gravy (who really needs a tach anyway?).

My oil leak was embarrassingly enough fixed when I noticed that the oil filter was loose (duh). I also retightened all the sensors on the oil flange and the coolant side and I don’t appear to be leaking anywhere. (that I can see).

The new exhaust is much better sounding and quieter (main due to the fact that it is the correct size. the old one had the wrong sized cat on it and thus it was all lined up inccorectly.). This exhaust needs to be tweaked a bit, but nothing that an exhaust shop can’t fix in 20 min. It is also quieter due to the fact that we found the bolt to correctly hold down one of the timing belt covers, so it doesn’t rattle. THAT makes a world of difference.

It still smells rich as crap, but that will soon be fixed. I really hope to have it in decent enough shape for treffen…. we’ll see. I actually turned the insurance back on, so I must be feeling good about it!

Moving Along…

Last night we swapped the 2 inch exhaust for a the 2.5 inch off the red parts car and installed the wideband O2, although it is not yet wired up. The exhaust needs some tweaking, but I think 20 min at an exhaust shop will resolve that without issue. I also swapped the rear suspension from the red parts car. Off went the leaking KYBs/Nuepseed Sportline on went the Bilsteins/Neuspeed Race (I think they are the race ones). The gold rims are on the back, and they look good. The ride height is quite nice. I need to order up some tires too… 195/50/15 I think is where I am going…

We are getting there.

You might have noticed a large gap in progress…. well, sorry. that is how it goes. Other obligations got in the way. The fact of the matter is I don’t NEED this car, in fact, I don’t need either of my cars really since I rarely drive. That isn’t going to stop me from finishing it, but it does make it a much lower priority. I would like to have it ready for treffen and/or the last audi club autox.