Literally… I drove the car, but just around the garage to get it out from where it was parked for working to where it can be driven out the door. I need to review some of the tuning things, and do a bit of autotuning on the road with it.

I went over last night for a bit to make some progress. I reset all the calibration on the wideband, and that was noticeable, it appears to be accurate now. I taped up those wires and got them out of the way. Then I double checked the ECU to make sure the wideband was all configured right there, it was.

With all that, I pulled it from the parking spot into the middle of the garage. Dope. I need to check some stuff and perhaps get megatune working on the macbook in parallels, then it is off for some on the street tuning. Once that is ok and I am confident I didn’t screw everything up, I am going to head over to Al’s to get some tuning on the dyno for the weird parts of the VE table.

Bob took a small video of the car moving with his camera phone. It is what it is. But it rules at the same time.

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