Gauges in, noises figured out…

Got to the garage tonight to install the gauges. Since I moved the radio down to the center console, I was planning on using the 3 gauge DIN panel to put the guages up where the radio had been. Thankfully Jason from Mobile One stopped by to hang out… and while I couldn’t bribe him into finishing up the wiring on the guages, he was there to help with random wiring questions. So once I had all the wiring done, we tested them, and sure enough, they all appear to be working perfectly.

My main concern was oil pressure, since I had a few noises at the top of the motor that were worrisome. The oil pressure was ~75psi cold, which is where other people on the vortex had pegged it, so I figure that is good. After a little bit of poking around, Dylan and Jason noticed that the #2 plug was a bit loose. Jason also pointed out that the I have the wrong clutch cable installed. He ALSO tracked down the last noise I had under the hood, which was the side shield for the timing belt. Turns out that I didn’t reinstall one of the brackets that I needed. I didn’t install it because the larger item that bolted to it was no longer there, but turns out that bracket also held the shield in the correct place. When I reinstalled it, I bent it and thus it is touching some of the pulleys and making my bad noises. When jason held the shield out of place, no more noise. Awesome.

So I might hit up the yards this weekend, and also probably autohaus AZ for a couple little things… so next week I should be driving her home again, for the first time in years.

Drove Around The Block

So I fired everything up and drove Cali around the block today. There were a lot of not awesome noises, so I didn’t drive any further. But she felt actually really good!

I haven’t wired all the dash back up, so I didn’t have a lighter, and the tuning laptop has a crappy battery, so I couldn’t drive very far anyway… but I pulled out of the garage and drove around the block. I turned on auto tune, but I don’t think it did much, and it is really hard to drive and look at a laptop at the same time. Especially when you are trying to pay a lot of attention to all the noises a first run car makes. But the car actually pulled smooth and without issue, which is promising.

When I got back to the garage, I put the car on stands and poked around. The noises all seemed to be not related to the motor directly… the water shield was dragging on the driver side rotor. The passenger front fender liner was rubbing on the wheel. The too large rear tires were rubbing. The heat shield on the tunnel is laying on the exhaust. The shield on the timing belt was touching the tensioner. So I fixed a bunch of those, and ran it on the stands, sounded much better.

Since the dash isn’t fully wired and likely won’t be, I ordered up some gauges from egauges.

# Part # Desc Cost Total
1 310-105 2 1/16 250F Engine Temp. – Elec. Vision Black $25.55 $25.55
1 323-088 Temperature Sender: 250F/120C – M10x1 – $16.64 $16.64
1 310-106 2 1/16 300F Engine Temp. – Elec. Vision Black $25.55 $25.55
1 323-423 Temperature Sender: 300F/150C – M10x1 – $24.27 $24.27
1 350-104 2 1/16 80 PSI Engine Press. – Elec. Vision Black $25.75 $25.75
1 360-006 Pressure Sender: 0-80 PSI/5 Bar – M10x1K – 7.0 PSI $25.75 $25.75
1 240-850 T Adapter – VW, male, M10 x 1 $6.65 $6.65
3 600-862-1 Green Diffuser for Types E and C bulbs, each $1.00 $3.00

I long since moved the radio to the lighter/ashtray spot, and I have a 3 gauge DIN panel for where the radio was, where these will all fit nicely. I was thinking it would be need to build up a little idiot light/buzzer system too… eventually.

So I’ll be there wednesday night, and hopefully I will have Dylan with me to help me get the tuning going so it is safe to drive around. I would like to leave the audi at the garage and drive the jetta around some. Obviously I will need to wire the gauges and the lighter back up to really feel comfortable.

But I am stoked. And getting excited.