Gauges in, noises figured out…

Got to the garage tonight to install the gauges. Since I moved the radio down to the center console, I was planning on using the 3 gauge DIN panel to put the guages up where the radio had been. Thankfully Jason from Mobile One stopped by to hang out… and while I couldn’t bribe him into finishing up the wiring on the guages, he was there to help with random wiring questions. So once I had all the wiring done, we tested them, and sure enough, they all appear to be working perfectly.

My main concern was oil pressure, since I had a few noises at the top of the motor that were worrisome. The oil pressure was ~75psi cold, which is where other people on the vortex had pegged it, so I figure that is good. After a little bit of poking around, Dylan and Jason noticed that the #2 plug was a bit loose. Jason also pointed out that the I have the wrong clutch cable installed. He ALSO tracked down the last noise I had under the hood, which was the side shield for the timing belt. Turns out that I didn’t reinstall one of the brackets that I needed. I didn’t install it because the larger item that bolted to it was no longer there, but turns out that bracket also held the shield in the correct place. When I reinstalled it, I bent it and thus it is touching some of the pulleys and making my bad noises. When jason held the shield out of place, no more noise. Awesome.

So I might hit up the yards this weekend, and also probably autohaus AZ for a couple little things… so next week I should be driving her home again, for the first time in years.

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