Time passes.. .update

so it sure has been a long time since I updated this blog.

I have been driving the car around a bunch since the last post, in that I would call it my daily driver, although I don’t drive much more than 10 miles/day. The tuning is not perfect, but it is ok. In the cold, I have to hold the pedal a bit to keep it from stalling, and my serpentine belt is loose so it is annoying in the rain too. I am thinking at lunch I might go grab the correct size one and fix that.

I had some really bad noises that turned out to be rusting heat shields on the downpipe, so that was an easy fix. The exhaust is not hung correctly, but it is ok for most things. It I load up the rear, the pipe will touch the body which is annoying, but not a big deal.

Really I need to get some time in on the tuning. Unforetunately, I suffered a hard drive crash on the laptop, so I have to reset everything up in megatune. Not a problem, but takes time I haven’t had lately.

The suspension isn’t perfect in that my front strut bearings appear to cause the springs to bind when turning sharply, which is annoying. It still leaks a bit of oil and coolant, but I have new gaskets that I hope will fix those issues.

I won’t have it ready to autox in the next couple weeks, as I don’t feel safe with the current tuning, but it is driveable in the city. Mind you, my version of driveable is different than others. I wouldn’t put my wife in the car and teach her to drive stick in it. But that will change.

Other changes… I ended up putting steelies and blizzaks on for the winter, thanks dylan. I also put a helios interior, which we found at one of the yards. It is nice, as that was the interior I originally wanted.

There are still a couple other problems… there is still a tiny leak or two on the doors from the plastic liners… ummm… stuff like that. Needless to say, the tuning is more important.