Front Duckbill and Valance FINALLY installed, tuning resumed, and the sunroof works!

It has been a while of not working on the car and just driving it, which was fine, but it wasn’t actually progressing. So on wednesday I actually put the front valance on the car. Mind you, we had attached the duckbill to the valance over a year ago, I just hadn’t taken the time to put the 5 screws in that hold it up. So I actually did that. Finally. Mind you, I only put in 4 of the screws, since one wasn’t lining up that well and I figured I would do it later.

Since the weather finally got nice, I tracked down a screw (M4, narrow thread) to hold the sunroof crank handle to the car. Much easier than having to manually hold it while I cranked it.

And since my harddrive crashed a few months ago, I hadn’t a proper laptop to tune with. So I finally set one up again to get back to tuning. I updated the firmware in the megasquirt to MSnS-e 29y4 and tweaked a few settings. I primarily tweaked warmup (I was too rich, requiring me to hold the throttle cracked a bit when it was warming up to keep the car alive).

I also pulled a lot of timing out. I honestly have no idea where my ignition table had come from, but it came from SOME VW guy on some forum. I had installed knock-sense and while I am not positive it is calibrated correctly, it blinks alot. My ignition table was as high as 30-31 in places, and according to the mk2 bentley, stock was 24-27 for my (original) engine. So based on that, I pulled the timing more along those lines. I have since put about 30 min of driving/logging on the car and let megalogviewer rebuild my VE table. I have to load that new table in and see how I am doing.

So overall, minor progress. I hope to get the summer tires and wheels on soon, fix a couple leaks, and get it over to Jay’s (Mobile One) to get it once over’d, then to Al’s (Chicago Performance & Tuning) for some dyno time.