Front Duckbill and Valance FINALLY installed, tuning resumed, and the sunroof works!

It has been a while of not working on the car and just driving it, which was fine, but it wasn’t actually progressing. So on wednesday I actually put the front valance on the car. Mind you, we had attached the duckbill to the valance over a year ago, I just hadn’t taken the time to put the 5 screws in that hold it up. So I actually did that. Finally. Mind you, I only put in 4 of the screws, since one wasn’t lining up that well and I figured I would do it later.

Since the weather finally got nice, I tracked down a screw (M4, narrow thread) to hold the sunroof crank handle to the car. Much easier than having to manually hold it while I cranked it.

And since my harddrive crashed a few months ago, I hadn’t a proper laptop to tune with. So I finally set one up again to get back to tuning. I updated the firmware in the megasquirt to MSnS-e 29y4 and tweaked a few settings. I primarily tweaked warmup (I was too rich, requiring me to hold the throttle cracked a bit when it was warming up to keep the car alive).

I also pulled a lot of timing out. I honestly have no idea where my ignition table had come from, but it came from SOME VW guy on some forum. I had installed knock-sense and while I am not positive it is calibrated correctly, it blinks alot. My ignition table was as high as 30-31 in places, and according to the mk2 bentley, stock was 24-27 for my (original) engine. So based on that, I pulled the timing more along those lines. I have since put about 30 min of driving/logging on the car and let megalogviewer rebuild my VE table. I have to load that new table in and see how I am doing.

So overall, minor progress. I hope to get the summer tires and wheels on soon, fix a couple leaks, and get it over to Jay’s (Mobile One) to get it once over’d, then to Al’s (Chicago Performance & Tuning) for some dyno time.

Things To Do

-Air Filter: 2.75 inch hose, get a 2.75 inch cone filter, 2.75 inch pipe to connect the 2
-Sort out the Alternator
-Wire the megasquirt
-Finish hooking up the exhaust
-Reinstall the rear beam
-Run the vacuum lines
-Run the breather lines
-Connect the lower front valance
-Get an electric fan and a relay for it
-Get a digi ignition module
-Run the fuel supply and return line to the rail
-Swap the fuel filter
-Tighten the plugs
-Reinstall the charcoal canister
-Install sensors
-Fill trans with oil
-Fill engine with oil
-Swap the distributor gear
-Fill coolant

How are the plans progressing?

In this post I mentioned the plans I had then… and I figured now would be a good time to check in and see how those are going…

Missing Linkz
I think I am buying the set off dylan’s car
ITBs off a GSXR
purchased… will eventually be installed
need to buy. THIS could be something someone could get me for my birthday, but it is kinda expensive for a gift at ~$300… I am likely going to buy the MegaSquirt I v3.0 ECU Assembled and the MegaSquirt v2.2/3.0 12′ Wiring Harness.
Some stock spark with knock (CIS with Knock, Digi2?)
I am thinking I will start with a 4 window distributor (not sure off what model) and add an EDIS system down the road. I want to get used to tuning it one step at a time. So… I need to talk to some people to get that worked out, but that is not going to be a big deal.
replace the rear shocks
I may just get regualr KYBs for $40 each or whatever to keep it working. Then maybe get something later that is better
perhaps get the bilstiens rebuilt
Dylan is pushing for this. I say yes, but that will wait until I have fewer other things going on.
finish the 2.0 ABA bottom
finish the 8v counterflow head
essentially done. Need to assemble it, but that is not a big deal
miata rims
gone. will need to find other rims. Although I bet there is a set dylan has that I could borrow just to keep the car rolling until I figure out what rims I want…
badgeless quad round grill
still want but haven’t got. Cheapest place I have found so far is here at $71 on sale (FK Badgeless Grill – Black, MK II Golf/Jetta – Quad round). I may have to pick that one up.
upper grill spoiler
got it
GLI rear trunk lip (maybe)
have the lip, not sure I want to install it. Will be decided if/when I paint.
mk2 golf/gti roof spoiler with brake light (if I can figure out the install)
got the lip, not sure how to install it. Will likely happen if/when I paint.

So overall, I am not too far from those initial goals. score.

What else do I need to address…

So over the weekend, my parents had mentioned that they wanted to get me something to help with the project for my birthday, which isn’t too far off. So I started thinking about what things were still outstanding.

In this post I mentioned a couple things that were still open ended…
front seats
Done, as the recaros have come in, so that is taken care of…
steering wheel
still outstanding… not sure what I am going to do there… I would like a smaller, round steering wheel, horn button in the middle, likely 3 spokes. I have found one on ebay that I like and is ending very soon… we shall see…
I will be stepping up to 10.3’s from the mk3 jetta/golf. I would like 11.1’s, but it would limit rim choices and would cost more, and I am not sure I need them. I will be swapping to disc brakes in the rear as well. So I will need calipers all around, brake lines, 22mm master, and rotors. I don’t like to mess around with brakes.
Taking the one off kieran’s coupe. Not sure what it is, but it doesn’t have a beer can on it, so I can’t complain!
hmmmm…. the issue here is large. I would like to paint the car. Before I paint the car however, I am going to get the body issues fixed up. SO it seems that the next step for this one is to start collecting body parts to make this happen. Like a set of big doors. And fenders. and a hood. So… still up in the air here, I defiantly want to get the car running well first. And even then, we have given serious thought to painting it ourselves. Time will tell on this one…

More Progress, Parts, Engine…

The cleanup is going well! The subframe, suspension, brake system, etc are all out. The only thing still in the bay are the fuel lines and some wiring, both of which will be staying. It needs a bit more cleanup, which needs to happen soon since the engine was delivered to Al’s today. I am picking it up tomorrow night. Now I need to start ordering up parts, which is going to cost money, but will be nice once they come in.

Also, Dylan got me a duckbill. Sure it has some broken tabs or something, but I bet I can make it work.

Hopefully now things will start moving quicker. I need to get the random motor parts as well as the ECU and wiring harness. Everything is starting to cost money.

Cleaning is coming along…

So I got a little propane torch to get the wax off and MAN was that nice. So much easier than scraping it off that I will never do it that way again.

This was the before, as you may remember:

This is what it looks like today:

You can see progress is happening. We need to drop the front beam to make life easier. But it is coming along really nicely. I am happy.

The rest of the pics are here


So I had Al @ CPT order me up my short block. There was a little confusion on the price in the catalog, but it is looking like $1,400 shipped for the short block, assembled, with a warranty (of some kind). Still a better decision then me doing the work myself. I could have done the work myself and saved about $300, but I am not sure that I am a good candidate for that quite yet. Dylan and I were thinking perhaps we would tear down the motor that was in Cali before as a learned exercise. I would rather screw up that motor than my daily driver motor. And then I can honestly reset the odometer to ‘0’ and smile, knowing it should last a while. So that is ordered and should be here soon.

I also began cleaning the engine bay out and it is actually come along quite nicely. I have found VERY little rust, and the dirt and oil actually appeared to have kept the paint in decent shape. For some reason, VW put wax on the paint in a number of places. This wax, after 20 years, has begun to deteriorate, so I am removing it. It was under the areas that held the airbox and the battery. Since those won’t be there really, (battery in the trunk and the airbox replaced with a cone filter for now and eventually the individual throttle bodies) I don’t feel I need the wax.

So I hope to get a bunch more cleaned next wednesday, and I will hopefully remember to grab some pictures too.

I am excited to get the motor in. That will be a big step.

Mental note…

I need some lower spoiler on the front… duckbill, GTI, whatever. Haven’t decided. But sticking with small bumpers requires something there I think.

The Motor Is OUT

Wasn’t that hard, but man is it dirty in there. We will be replacing nearly everything you see there, so cleaning it won’t be a big deal per se, it should clean up very nicely. Perhaps a new coat of paint in there. Now I gotta get some money together and order up the block…


Time to update the exterior…

Wheels and tires… I have wheels that I bought off of my Miata friend Sameer… they are the 7 spoke, 10.3 lbs. Cheap and with tires. They look like this:

They MAY need spacers too look better, but they are SO light. They will make for good track tires eventually. I keep seeing rims I WANT, but I won’t likely buy for a while…

I upgraded from the aeros to euro quad rounds (again, from Dylan). I wired them up via relays to the battery and put in new bulbs. MAN do they light up the road MUCH MUCH better now. I can actually SEE stuff. SO nice. I will eventually get a quad round badgeless grill. Rebecca also bought me a quad round upper eyebrow that I will put in eventually, probably after I get some paint on there.

Chris got me new front bumper, which was a very nice visual improvement on the car. I also got a GLI rear spoiler in black that I may repaint and install as well as a later GTI rear hatch spoiler with an integrated brake light. I would like to figure out a way to install that on the edge of the roof and use the brakelight. We shall see.

I also installed a roof mounted antenna, or fuba. I took the time and ran it through the A pillar as well. It works, although I should reseal it, I don’t think it is tight enough.

That is all the exterior work I have done so far. I would LIKE to eventually paint the car, although I am not sure what color I would do, and I would certainly like to clean up the dings and surface rust spots. We’ll see though, I am not sure I want to spend much money on it though. Perhaps this winter I will sand down the bad places and clean them up… perhaps I will do a coat of flat black or something. heehee.

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