Literally… I drove the car, but just around the garage to get it out from where it was parked for working to where it can be driven out the door. I need to review some of the tuning things, and do a bit of autotuning on the road with it.

I went over last night for a bit to make some progress. I reset all the calibration on the wideband, and that was noticeable, it appears to be accurate now. I taped up those wires and got them out of the way. Then I double checked the ECU to make sure the wideband was all configured right there, it was.

With all that, I pulled it from the parking spot into the middle of the garage. Dope. I need to check some stuff and perhaps get megatune working on the macbook in parallels, then it is off for some on the street tuning. Once that is ok and I am confident I didn’t screw everything up, I am going to head over to Al’s to get some tuning on the dyno for the weird parts of the VE table.

Bob took a small video of the car moving with his camera phone. It is what it is. But it rules at the same time.

Engine is in….

Engine is in…

Word…. the rest of the pics

Great weekend

Big thanks to scott and dylan for helping me out all weekend. We got a lot done. hopefully we will drop the engine in tonight!

all the pics are here….

More updates soon


Two Jetta work days have passed since the last post. Last week we put the head on. The short block is now a long block!

More pics can be seen here. So that was nice.

Today I finished cleaning the subframe/k-frame and we started getting that together. We put the A Arms/Control Arms in as well as mounted the front sway bar. We did poly bushings for the sway bar bracket and sway bar end links. I cleaned up the stock sway bar, but got new end links. I have stock bushings in the Control Arms, although the the bushings and the arms are brand new. We also put on new ball joints.

I need to clean up the steering rack, put on the new tie rods and boots as well as put on the poly steering rack bushings. Old rack, new tie rods and ends, new boots, new poly bushings. I also got new motor mounts (stock non hydraulic mount on the passenger side and a diesel transmission mount on the driver side) to go on. Once those are all in, the subframe will be ready to go back in and support the engine.

It is nice to see progress being made. Needless to say thanks to Dylan for helping out. I really feel the project is moving along now. Also thanks to kieran, as it was his poly kit that I raided to get some of the pieces I didn’t have.

Compression Ratio…

So I wasn’t sure what the compression ratio on the new motor was going to be, but I think I have figured it out to be 10.3:1…. which will be more than adequate for some decent power. For some reason I was worried I was looking at like 8.5:1 or something low.

Those are the calculations from this site. The values were taken from various searches online. 10.3:1 should be perfect for MS and whatnot as well. I should be able to run along that line nicely.

New Engine Pics

Not that I have done anything with it aside from put it on the stand, the new engine is here

More Progress, Parts, Engine…

The cleanup is going well! The subframe, suspension, brake system, etc are all out. The only thing still in the bay are the fuel lines and some wiring, both of which will be staying. It needs a bit more cleanup, which needs to happen soon since the engine was delivered to Al’s today. I am picking it up tomorrow night. Now I need to start ordering up parts, which is going to cost money, but will be nice once they come in.

Also, Dylan got me a duckbill. Sure it has some broken tabs or something, but I bet I can make it work.

Hopefully now things will start moving quicker. I need to get the random motor parts as well as the ECU and wiring harness. Everything is starting to cost money.

Cleaning is coming along…

So I got a little propane torch to get the wax off and MAN was that nice. So much easier than scraping it off that I will never do it that way again.

This was the before, as you may remember:

This is what it looks like today:

You can see progress is happening. We need to drop the front beam to make life easier. But it is coming along really nicely. I am happy.

The rest of the pics are here


I finally got some pics of the Trophy Recaros…

As you can see they are in great shape. Note that they are reversed, the one on the left is the driver side seat, but overall the bolsters are in great shape and while there is a burn or two and need a little cleaning, you can’t beat the price! Thanks Nate!

The Motor Is OUT

Wasn’t that hard, but man is it dirty in there. We will be replacing nearly everything you see there, so cleaning it won’t be a big deal per se, it should clean up very nicely. Perhaps a new coat of paint in there. Now I gotta get some money together and order up the block…

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